Depression & LOW ENERGY

Hey there Brain Masterz, have you ever been depressed? When you’re depressed, it feels like your options are limited. Your thoughts, emotions, and physical body all tell you to stay still and hide. You’re in a zone- just not the zone that leads to success. In a way, depression is a comfort zone- but it’sContinue reading “Depression & LOW ENERGY”

The Brain Masterz “Secret” to Success

Are you looking for a shortcut to success? We’ve got good news and bad news. First- the bad news: there is no shortcut. But here’s the good news: this Brain Masterz secret is like a shortcut because of all the energy you’ll save. First, we should talk about why most people don’t achieve the successContinue reading “The Brain Masterz “Secret” to Success”

Video Meditation: Parents & the Earth

Following up on our last post, we wanted to share this short video meditation about Parents and the Earth. It can be really powerful to take a few minutes and reflect on where we come from. When you get right down to it, every human being is alive because of two things: 1- the peopleContinue reading “Video Meditation: Parents & the Earth”

Meditation- Parents & Earth

Hello Brain Masterz! It’s the year 2020- pretty amazing, right? But from another point of view, we could call it the year 4,543,000,000 (give or take 50 million years). How come? Yup, that’s the estimated age of the Earth. Thinking about the Earth is difficult. It’s really too big to comprehend. And it’s out hereContinue reading “Meditation- Parents & Earth”