Depression & LOW ENERGY

Hey there Brain Masterz, have you ever been depressed?

When you’re depressed, it feels like your options are limited.

Your thoughts, emotions, and physical body all tell you to stay still and hide.

You’re in a zone- just not the zone that leads to success.

In a way, depression is a comfort zone- but it’s not comfortable.

But by calling it a comfort zone, we’re describing something deeper than just the feelings of depression. We’re describing the energy state.

The ‘comfort zone’ of depression is this: LOW ENERGY.

Sitting on a bench in an unidentifiable location, staring at your feet, feeling like the world is black & white… yup, it’s depressing.

Nobody likes having low energy. But like any comfort zone, that’s the place we feel most at home. You can feel at home being miserable and tired.

By calling depression a comfort zone, we’re pointing to the idea that you need to ‘get out of your comfort zone’ to change depression.

That means breaking the limits of LOW ENERGY.

How do you do that?

Maybe your first instinct is to rest. But when you’re in a LOW ENERGY state, it’s actually harder, not easier, to get quality rest. You may be exhausted, but you won’t be able to sleep well. Or even if you do sleep, you wake up just as tired as before. Your energy state doesn’t just refer to how much sleep you’ve gotten. It’s deeper than that.

A LOW ENERGY state is fundamentally a problem of disconnection. It’s when our mind and body have spent too long being separated from each other, either because of stress, distraction, or illness.

Of course diet, stress, and life circumstances can all affect our energy level. It’s very normal to get tired and sad from time to time. But if that condition persists for months and years after an event, we may not be using our natural ability to recover and move on.

If depression is being stuck in a LOW ENERGY comfort zone, then to face the fact that our comfort zone is not helping us. We need to raise our energy level. The simplest way to do that is to activate your energy.

So what activates energy? Basically- things that naturally require you to feel your body and actively express your mind. And, since more positive emotions typically have a higher natural energy than negative emotions, being actively positive tends to help.

Laughter- Just do it!

Here are some great energy-activation practices:







Are you starting to get the sense? These activities all require you to activate energy, otherwise you’re not even really doing them.

Here’s the secret: activating energy may actually make you more UNCOMFORTABLE at first. That’s because your comfort zone is all about LOW ENERGY. So the discomfort you feel when you activate energy is about getting out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve been stuck in LOW ENERGY for a long time, you won’t have much of a sense for how healthy it is to activate energy. Activating energy may even feel unhealthy. But the truth is, activating your energy is the way to get out of depression.

Like anything, you might need to take small steps at first. Just watch a funny movie. Practice smiling in the mirror. Do 10 jumping jacks or squats. Go for a walk or talk to one friend per day.

Once you activate your energy, it’ll be easier to activate it again and to a higher level next time.

Don’t listen to the doubts, the emotions, and the negative memories that get stirred up during this process. They’ll tell you all sorts of things like, “You can’t do it… You’re too weak… You don’t have the energy… It might hurt you…” You know the rest.

But trust that the way forward is with more energy.

Use it or Lose it! You can do it!

For a couple great exercises to activate your energy, check out our next video on the Brain Masterz YouTube Channel

The Brain Masterz “Secret” to Success

Are you looking for a shortcut to success?

We’ve got good news and bad news.

First- the bad news: there is no shortcut.

But here’s the good news: this Brain Masterz secret is like a shortcut because of all the energy you’ll save.

First, we should talk about why most people don’t achieve the success they desperately want.

This mental state is not a recipe for success…

Here’s a hint- it’s not because of someone else.

The greatest obstacles to our success are our own memories. If you’re not able to disconnect from the emotional energy of your memories, you’ll feel extremely limited by them. Over time, your sense of possibilities will get smaller and smaller as you hold onto the pain of past failures.

So here’s the secret: in order to break free from those limited memories, you need to stay in the present moment.

That’s right- the whole ‘being present’ thing actually has a lot of practical value!

Meditation can do that??

Why does this work?

Your attention is your greatest commodity. When you give your attention to something, you are actually giving your life to it. Have you heard the saying “time is the only thing we can’t get more of…”? Well, your time is spent on whatever you give your attention to.

When you focus on past memories, especially painful ones, you get caught in a web of feelings and judgments. It’s tough to move forward with your mind stuck there.

You might be thinking, “don’t we need to learn from our past mistakes in order to not repeat them in the future??” Absolutely.

But remembering the facts of your past mistakes (and learning from them) can be done without holding onto the emotional pain that was associated with them.

In order to break free, you have to bring your attention back to the present moment.

Here’s the Brain Masterz secret that can help you do that: pay attention to the feeling of your body. The feeling of your body exists in the present moment, and by focusing on it, you can free yourself from the limiting emotional energy of the past.

One great way to bring attention to your body is with Body Tapping.

It’s simple. You tap all over your body with your hands, as if you’re knocking the dust out of an old rug. 🙂

Start gently so that you can stay relaxed and breathe comfortably. The point is to interrupt your thinking and bring attention back to the body, not to stress yourself out.

Check out the video below for more about this Secret to Success. Skip ahead to 3:05 if you want to go right into Body Tapping…

Until next time, keep using your Brain Well!

Video Meditation: Parents & the Earth

Our Home

Following up on our last post, we wanted to share this short video meditation about Parents and the Earth.

It can be really powerful to take a few minutes and reflect on where we come from.

When you get right down to it, every human being is alive because of two things:

1- the people who raised them

2- the earth

That’s it. As babies, we can’t survive without care and assistance from other people.

And it goes without saying that we can’t survive without everything that the Earth provides. Air. Water. Food. Shelter. Warmth… everything.

So, rather than taking all this for granted, let’s take a few minutes and get connected to this reality. It can change your day, and maybe even your life!

We all come from the same place…

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Meditation- Parents & Earth

The Earth. It’s important.

Hello Brain Masterz!

It’s the year 2020- pretty amazing, right? But from another point of view, we could call it the year 4,543,000,000 (give or take 50 million years). How come?

Yup, that’s the estimated age of the Earth.

Thinking about the Earth is difficult. It’s really too big to comprehend. And it’s out here in the middle of really big, really empty space.

They say that when astronauts first get a look at the Earth from space, it’s a life-changing experience. It gives them a new appreciation for just how special our planet really is.

We like to imagine traveling the stars, colonizing other planets and moons, discovering new forms of life. But realistically, Earth is the only home you and I are going to have.

For most of us, this is not happening anytime soon.

Even the folks up in the International Space Station depend almost entirely on Earth for survival.

You know what happens when something is too big to comprehend? We easily take it for granted.

So, let’s take a moment to meditate about our relationship with the Earth and see if we can get a deeper sense of just how important it really is.

Let’s practice a meditation

If you want to effectively meditate while you’re sitting and reading, you can prepare by doing these simple things:

  1. sit up a little taller
  2. bring your shoulders back and take a deep breath
  3. exhale and feel your chest relax
  4. if you still feel stressed or stiff, gently shake your body for a minute or two until you feel looser

When you’re ready, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Bring your awareness into your body.
Even as you read, keep 50% of your awareness on your body and breathing. Only pay 50% attention to what you’re reading.
Basically, don’t worry. You won’t miss anything.
Now… feel your body as you sit.

Feel your head and neck. Are they comfortable? Hot or cold?

Feel your spine and back muscles. Do they move a little with each breath?

Feel your pelvis and tailbone. Where do you feel pressure and tension?

Now, focus on the feeling in your feet.

And under your feet… feel the ground. Are you wearing shoes? Feel the soles of your shoes. If you’re in socks or barefoot, feel the texture of the floor or ground.

Look at those happy feet!

Now, feel the earth.

Think about the relationship between you and the earth.

What does the earth provide for you, that you could not get any other way?

There are over 7.5 billion people on this planet. All of them are breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping, reproducing…

How much of that ultimately depends on this planet? How much of that would be possible if we didn’t have this planet?

Where do we get food and water? Where do we find shelter and the materials to survive? Where do we get the oxygen we breathe?

It’s obvious, right?
All of these things come from the earth.

Even for our greatest technologies- our phones and computers, pacemakers and airplanes, nuclear power plants and cell phone towers, their raw materials come from the earth. Every bit of energy in the cells that make up our bodies comes from the earth.

But we don’t think about it because it’s so huge.

Think about your parents.

Your parents were essential for you to be born. You needed people in order to survive. Someone raised you. Someone fed you. Someone washed you and clothed you. We need people. We need family. We won’t live long without them. 

Family is important. Even a healthy infant will not survive without some type of family.

In the same way, even a strong family cannot make up for an unhealthy society. We depend on other people to survive, now more than ever.

And take one more step back. Without the Earth, will our societies survive? Of course not. Even if we dream of one day colonizing other worlds, that reality is far, far away. For now, we only have this one planet.

Feel all that your family, society, and the earth have given to you. Can you feel it?

When children argue and fight with their siblings, how do the parents feel?

When children hurt each other, what do parents feel?

When a child accidentally burns down the house, what do the parents feel?

Is this a recent photo of California? Brazil? Australia?

Now think about the earth. When the earth’s children fight, what would the earth feel?

When we destroy the land and air and water, what would the earth feel?

Now the earth is on fire, and how should we feel?

Please take a moment and meditate with an open heart, with courage, about these things, and post your comments below on what you think and feel.

Thank you- we’re looking forward to hearing about your meditation.

Stand up to your Boss & Don’t Lose your Job

Hello Brain Masterz!

Does your boss ask you to do too much? Are you thinking about quitting your job? Do you want to stand up to your boss but you’re afraid you might get fired? We’ll look at how you can gain confidence and get clear about whether you should keep your job, or walk out the door.

Hint- stop focusing on what your boss is saying, and start focusing on what you want. We’ll guide you through a couple simple ways to bring your focus back to yourself and what you want.

Brain Masterz New Years Resolutions: Escape the Trap

Welcome to Brain Masterz!

It’s a New Year and that means New Year’s Resolutions. Many people have given up on achieving their New Year’s Resolutions because of past failures.

We’ll look at an unexpected reason why this happens and how you can escape the trap of getting excited and then watching your motivation fade away.

Hint- it has to do with what kind of mind you’re using. We’ll guide you through a couple really simple meditation techniques as well.

Achieve your dreams this year by becoming a Brain Master!